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Boots to Business Introduction to Entrepreneurship

The two-day Boots to Business (B2B) “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” course is delivered in person at military installations to transitioning Veterans.  B2B introduces participants to key elements of small business ownership to assist in determining if entrepreneurship is a feasible and practical transition strategy.

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Boots to Business Reboots “Introduction to Entrepreneurship”  course is offered off installation or online and is intended for Veterans who have already separated from the service. Spouses are also welcomed to attendB2B Reboots.  B2B Reboots provide participants with an overview of business fundamentals, while introducing techniques for evaluating the feasibility of business concepts.

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Boots to Business / Reboot Follow on Course: Revenue Readiness

B2B Revenue Readiness is a business plan development course  delivered by Mississippi State University (MSU) for SBA. Revenue Readiness focuses on identifying and understanding customers, developing and refining business models, and individual assignments focused on drafting a business plan.

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