Military Spouse Pathway to Business

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The U.S. SBA would like to announce a new program called Military Spouse Pathway to Business!

Military spouses make great entrepreneurs, and small business ownership can be a transportable vocation that supports frequent relocation-part of the landscape for many military families.

The Pathway to Business course introduces military spouses to the key elements of entrepreneurship at no cost. Whether you are generating ideas or already have a solid business concept. this curriculum leads you through the key steps for evaluating business concepts, and provides the foundational knowledge required to develop a business plan. In this course, military spouses are introduced to a broad spectrum of entrepreneurial business topics such as market research, economics, legal considerations, and finances.

You’ll also learn about additional resources available to military spouses for accessing startup capital, receiving technical assistance, earning contracting opportunities, and more.

Join us for the first Military Spouse Pathway to Business class beginning August 29th!

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